"M20" is an advertising and production company, founded in 1998, and consisting of several departments and production plant with the territory 2000 sq.m.

  1. "EXPO and outdoor advertising". The main line is the manufacturing and installation of exhibition stands in Russia and abroad; creation of design as well decoration os conferences, events of different levels and formats; the design of trade halls with advertising and navigation structures, decorations; development and installation of signboards, roof installations and other elements of outdoor advertising.
  2. UV printing. We provide services of UV printing on sheet materials for construction of fences (including corrugated board, polycarbonate for fences), for exterior and interior decoration of buildings and premises (composite aluminum, corrugated board, rigid and foamed plastics, thin PET, chipboard / chipboard etc); on rolled media (stretch ceilings, self-adhesive film, paper, banner, carpet, canvas and textile materials). Manufacturing of POSM-materials.
  3. Design and souvenir products. Production of souvenirs of any price segment: from promo to VIP level and individual design. Delivery of any promotional products which can provide effective and spectacular promotion of your company.
  4. BTL. The department specializes in providing a full range of services aimed boosting the sales. They create in the department - starting with initial idea and till the final realization - different marketing events for attracting new clients and activate the sales. We cover all regions of Russia. /li>


We look positive to non-standard orders and complex technological tasks.
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